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Every year hundreds of thousands North Americans buy or rent a popular RV (recreational vehicle) and hit the road.

This is an relaxed and easy way to travel and very special experience for all involved, including your kids. If you have a bigger family (or you decide to go together with your friends) this type of travel would be even more cost effective than traditional flight and car rental combination. It also offers more efficient vacation alternative because you will have an opportunity to visit many interesting locations and make your trip into an unforgettable odyssey for you and your family or friends.

There is a RV model to suit the needs of every family and budget and they are simple to drive, just don't let their size intimidate you, it is almost like driving family car with enhanced visibility. Most of RV vehicles have large windshields mirrors and rear vision TV monitor system to give you a better view of the road.

If you are towing a RV just keep in mind that your acceleration will be reduced because you will be moving more weight than your tow vehicle alone, so you will need more time for handling and braking. You will also need to leave extra room for turning because your RV vehicle will turn in a tighter circle. If you don't have experience with RV vehicles, it is good idea to take some time to practice on an empty parking lot or a ride down on some quiet road. Another good idea is to check where the white lines fall in your rear view mirrors when your rig is centered in the line. Take a note of a spot on your windshield that lines up with the curb when your vehicle is parked right.

There are thousands of resorts and RV parks across North America and they are becoming more sophisticated every day in order to compete with more traditional style resorts. Some of luxurious facilities offer all-inclusive golf, tennis, fishing, community centres, health spas, swimming pools, horseback riding and more.


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