Discount Airfare to Europe: Watch Out for Hidden Costs  

by Roland Jefferson

Most young travelers as well as those on a tight budget want to travel on a discounted airfare to Europe. There are many budget as well as discount airfares available in nearly all European countries, and the competition too is pretty stiff among individual players. There may be some advantages to discount airfare Europe travel; however, there are certain disadvantages to choosing this form of travel.

Be Prepared for Hassles

Even though discount airfare to Europe may seem attractive, be prepared to go through many more hassles that are often hidden from the passengers. With nearly all European countries having their own no frill-budget airlines, the costs are certainly low (ridiculously so) and discount airfare in Europe can mean flying almost for free, though you do have to pay airport tax.

The hassles begin when you realize that the discount airfare Europe flight actually emanates from small provincial towns located many miles away from the main cities. Not only does it add to travel time, but your cost of traveling will also go up, which means that you have to add this cost to your discounted fare and then you would need to comparison shop among different discount airfare European offers.

Another point you need to consider when choosing discount airfare in Europe is what would happen should you misses your flight. It would mean extra cost in the form of a hotel stay. Also, once you do get on board a discounted airfare European flight don't expect any in-flight service and you may have to pay for whatever you eat or drink during the flight and that too at premium rates. If you even want coffee, sandwiches or beer be prepared to pay exorbitant prices. This may not inconvenience you too much as most flights only last an hour or two and you can easily do without onboard eating and drinking.

Discount airfare within Europe is meant to attract as many travelers as possible and so many things are cut down on, or dispensed with. For example, the quoted fares may only apply to APEX travelers and there may be more to pay if you change your flight time. These low cost fares are generally only low if you book well in advance. If you buy immediately prior to departure or a few days before, the price will go up and you won't be able to also carry a lot of baggage either as the allowances are on the low side.

No doubt, discount airfare in Europe can be cheap, but you have to consider the many trimmings in your freedom to travel. Add all hidden costs and factor in added travel time as well; you may find a difference to your original estimate. Also, make sure that you compare these fares against the normal and less restricted airfare before making your final choice.

About the Author

Roland Parris Jefferson III is a Private online researcher based out of Los Angeles, Calfornia. For free tips, resources and dirt cheap airfares covering Discount Airfare To Europe, please visit our Discount Airfare To Europe Resource.

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