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Galapagos Travel With Children Fun For The Whole Family!

Galapagos Travel with Children

Traveling to the Galapagos can be fun for kids as well as adults. An incredible vacation destination, here you get the chance to meet some of the world s most rare and endangered animal and bird species up close and personal. These islands are a great place to take children as they can get to learn a lot about nature from a young age and appreciate these islands for their incredible habitat.

Galapagos Travel with Children Cruise tours
The best way to see and experience all that the Galapagos Islands has to offer is via a cruise tour. These tours take place aboard a cruise ship, which takes you and your children to the various Galapagos Islands to see the unique animals and birds that live there. These tours also let you enjoy a whole host of activities as well as provide comfortable sleeping arrangements and meals. Children under 7 are not allowed on most cruises.

Galapagos Travel with Children Activities to enjoy
As you and your children travel the Galapagos you can enjoy a whole host of activities including diving, snorkeling, trekking and bird watching. Most cruise tours provide their guests with activities to enjoy on each island. These activities correspond with the particular attractions on that island. For example on Isla Floreana you can explore the lava fields, while Isla Genovesa, the bird watching is excellent. Gardner Bay on Isla Espanola is known for its great swimming and snorkeling opportunities.

Galapagos Travel with Children What to carry
When traveling to the Galapagos with children it is important to bring a few things along with you so that you can help you child enjoy this wonderful national park even more. Snacks are important to carry when you tour an island as kids often get hungry quite easily and on many of the Galapagos Islands there are no food stalls around. Do carry a swimsuit that offers protection from the sun and make sure you child has on plenty of sun block. Also make sure they wear their life jackets at all times on board the cruise ship. Bring your child s snorkeling gear along with you as in many cases snorkeling equipment is no available for smaller children.

A camera is also a good idea so that you can capture those special moments to share of your trip. Binoculars are a good idea as well for kids, so that they can spot penguins, dolphins and whales swimming alongside the boat as well as catch sight of the many different bird species that live in the Galapagos.

Books, pencils for coloring and drawing, journals and travel games are some other suggestions to prevent boredom as you and your children sail from one island to the next. Also carry any medication your child needs as well as some over the counter drugs in case of seasickness or headaches.

By: Todd Sarouhan

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