Golfing Vacation For A Golf Enthusiast  

by Clinton Maxwell

A golfing vacation would be the perfect vacation for a golfing enthusiast who lives in a part of the country where he or she cannot golf. You can choose from a wide range of golfing vacations. You can choose a golf holiday that is all-inclusive vacation or you can choose a central site where you can branch out from there. Although America has a lot of wonderful golfing areas, in this article we will be discussing only those that are actually available. One may also look for such a vacation in Europe as a lot of writings on Golf Property in Spain and France are also available to help you decide on a vacation spot.

One of the premier golf destinations on the East Coast is Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. This golfing ground features more than a 100 courses and boasts of miles of beautiful beaches and great coastlines. You can also get to experience an exciting nightlife that includes dance clubs, Broadway shows, country music shows and many local bars and pubs. You can plan a travel and golf vacation to Myrtle Beach at any time of the year as it experiences at least 200 sunny days a year and has a mild climate almost throughout the year.

There are several wonderful golf resorts in Phoenix, Arizona. In this resort you can choose from the 100 courses that are available and you will also get a beautiful desert view that will help you to appreciate our Native Heritage. While planning your vacation do not forget to include a trip to visit the native ancient villages where you can see the Southwestern Native American art form and many other cultural exhibition. You can also attend the different concerts that are held over the weekend.

The gambling capital of the U.S-Las Vegas is also a great location for golf vacation. Here, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Spring Mountains and the Las Vegas skyline while you enjoy your game of golf. In Las Vegas there are many courses that will offer you with spectacular desert landscapes and tricky sandstone bunkers that will act as a challenge even to the most experienced of golfers. Since you are in Las Vegas it would be terrible if you do not experience the nightlife of Las Vegas. Almost all the casinos and shows are only a drive away from the golf course.

In South Carolina there is a small island that is only 12 miles long and has around 22 golf courses. This island is called the Hilton Head. The Hilton Head not only has some spectacular golf courses but it is also a short distance from all the tourist spots. While you are at Hilton Head do not forget to visit the Palmetto Dunes Plantation and the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Preserve. These are two of the historical attractions that you can get to see on the island.

For all you avid golfers out there, the Baja California will offer you an amazing array of luxury resorts. There are many wonderful golf courses and different kinds of attractions at the southern tip of Baja. Here, you can visit the beautiful long sandy beaches and the also Sea World at San Diego.

Colorado Springs has one of the best golf courses in America. You can plan your trip at ay time if the year because it experiences a unique weather that you will not find anywhere else in America. The Colorado Springs is located at a high altitude and this high altitude adds to the distance that a ball will travel. Many people say that the altitude adds at least 10% to the distance that a ball will travel. This course will definitely be a challenge for you, as you will have to your golf game to the high altitude. The high altitude may also help to give you one of the longest drives that you may ever have.

There are plenty of places in the Unites States that have great golf courses. You can find out about these locations by doing some research on the Internet.

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