Paths Well Traveled  

by maxine greco

Ever wonder where everyone is going? The Source US department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, Office of Travel and Tourism Industries lists the top ten international travel destinations from the United States. The top destination is of course Europe, followed by the Caribbean, Mexico, Asia and Canada. The Caribbean destination is the top cruise destination accounting for 40% of itineraries. The last five destinations are South America, Central America, Oceania, the Middle East and Africa. Better get your passports ready! Remember there are new passport regulations requiring passports whenever you leave the country and the passport office is running behind with requests. Remember to organize your entire travel plans as the airports and cruise lines are busy and seem to be running to capacity. Travel agents and luggage stores are good sources to research travel information. There are loads of books written and everything is also available on the web. Keep in mind the smaller carryon sizes for International destinations and the new weight restriction on baggage. You'll want to pack lightweight luggage to keep within the 50lb. restrictions. Plan ahead and your travel plans should run smoothly. The US Department of Transportation lists the top domestic airplane routes. This information is based on enplaned passengers of all airports for a city pair from November of 2005 to October of 2006. Anyone who's traveled to or from these destinations can testify to the accuracy. Number one is New York to Chicago with 3.14 million passengers a year. Chicago is followed by Ft. Lauderdale to New York, Los Angles to Chicago, Atlanta to New York, Washington, DC to Chicago, Denver to Chicago, Atlanta to Washington, DC, Atlanta to Orlando, New York to Orlando, and last is Las Vegas to Chicago. Orlando is home of Disney World along with many other attractions. The number 10 destination is Las Vegas to Chicago and they handle 2.42 million passengers a year. That's a lot of travelers flying in and out of these busy airports. When booking your travel plans, remember to keep up with security rules and requirements. The trip is easier and will go more smoothly if you are prepared. Using the TSA locks on your luggage shows that you have been researching and are adhering to the airline rules. The 3-1-1cosmetic case for your liquids and gels in your carryon bags is the newest of the regulations. Now you'll need to pack the majority of your cosmetics and toiletries in your discount luggage. Any liquids or gels in your carryon bag must fit into a quart-sized bag zippered bag.

Luckily there's a huge selection of travel accessories designed to make your travel experience easier and more rewarding. Be sure to investigate everything that's available before your trip. No use finding out the airlines aren't offering travel pillows or blankets when you have already boarded. Many corporate gifts now include all of these wonderful travel items that we don't like to do without. There are wonderful eye-shades, and inflatable back or head pillows to make the trip more comfortable. There's a huge array of travel money belts and hotel door alarms to make the trip safer. There are travel jackets that are reversible and travel shoes that can change color enabling you to pack less while still having a selection of color. There are wrist-bands to ward off nausea and No Jet-lag to take away time changes. There's packing cubes to make packing or unpacking a breeze. Check out all that's available to make the trip more enjoyable.

I always like to pack the "what ifs." Take along one of the new lightweight umbrellas or small travel raincoats. Bring some travel laundry soap in case you need to clean up. Take a folding tote that will bring back the purchases which you could not resist. A luggage strap can keep your overstuffed case from popping open. Bright luggage tags will help you to identify your bags quickly. A travel wallet will keep your passport and other necessary papers organized and in one place. Shoe covers will let you pack dirty shoes back into your case. Now choose one of these exciting destinations and have a wonderful trip!

About the Author

Maxine Greco has been in the luggage and travel business for over 37 years. She currently works at Village Luggage & Gifts.

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