Riding The Bike - Learn Bike Trail Etiquette

Riding The Bike - Learn Bike Trail Etiquette

Mountain bicycling adventure trips are surely one of the popular activities people all around the country like to do during the summer season, aside of course from barbecuing on their campsites and going to the beach to catch some rays of the sun.

According to GetAllTravel.info and their survey they are one of the most popular activities for adventurous people who like challenging ride with incredible scenery.

With this, GetAllTravel.info is aiming at assisting and lending a helping hand to young bikers who are out to take on the trail. The summer driving season sure has already started but the summer mountain biking and the number of bikers on the trails is sure to increase as well. And when this happens, it is very important to know Bike Trail Etiquette and rules of the road, so you and all other users will have full enjoyment without accidents.

And they are also set on keeping environment safe through your biking tips. June, July, August, and September are the most popular months for mountain biking and the time  when more biking accidents occur. This is due in large part to the fact that there is more users and bikers are covering more miles in a day. GetAllTravel.info shares with the bikers some tips so they can enjoy this summer to the maximum.

Bike Trail Etiquette

Plan ahead.
Your trip route should be planned in advance so that you would know what to expect and where to go as well as help you to prepare accordingly.

Respect the signs.
When you are already on the trail, as responsible biker, you should observe the posted signs on the trails and roads you are on. They have been posted there not only for show but for all people to follow. Respect trail and road closures (ask if you are not sure), avoid possible trespassing on private land and try to obtain all permits and authorizations as may be required. In most cases Federal and State wilderness areas are closed to cycling.

Yield the trail.
Make known your approach well in advance. Bell or friendly greeting is considerate and works well. Anticipate that other trail users may be in blind spots or around corners , so slow down in the areas with low visibility.

Control your bicycle.
Inattention for even a second can cause disaster. Wear a helmet and keep your bicycle in good condition. Excessive speed can maim and threaten people. Show your respect to others by slowing down when passing others. Keep in mind that startling someone may cause loss of trail access.

Leave no trace.
Even on open trails, you should not ride under conditions where you will leave evidence of your passing. This means staying on the trail  and not creating any new ones. Make sure to pack out what you packed in.

Give animals extra room.

All animals are startled by an unannounced approach, loud noise or sudden movement. This can be dangerous to you, for other users and for animals. Never spook animals, give them extra room and time to adjust to your presence.

Carry necessary supplies.

Always carry necessary supplies for changes in weather or other conditions. And the most important tip that the GetAllTravel.info shares is to keep a first aid kit, and all emergency phone numbers always ready with you.

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