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Travel Insurance!

The unexpected can happen to anyone, even before you start your travel or while traveling. You could be faced with a last-minute travel cancellation, illness of family member or an illness abroad.

Take a proper insurance because accidents and medical emergencies can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and even your personal health plan (if you have one) may only cover a fraction of the cost.

It is good to know that your insurance is going to take care of the costs involved. Most insurance companies or travel companies have number of affordable travel insurance products like: All-inclusive Coverage, Trip Cancellation or Interruption, Out-of-country Emergency Medical (annual plan or single trip), Baggage and Personal Effects, Air Flight Accident, Visitors to country Coverage etc. It is good idea to get a customized travel insurance package that suits your specific travel needs and budget so you can travel worry free and with confidence. 

Travel Insurance Tips:

Always check travel insurance policy before you decide to buy it and before your trip.

  Some of the travel insurance products offered through auto clubs, banks, travel agencies, etc. are usually pre-packaged and may not meet your personal and unique needs. They often have only one type of product available for everyone. So it is always good idea to consult with travel insurance experts to ensure you get the right coverage.

Be totaly informed about your travel insurance and find out rules and regulations before you need them. Read the list of exclusions very carefully so that you understand exactly what is not covered by the insurance policy.

 Many insurance policies do not cover pre-existing medical conditions. Check information and follow instructions properly to make sure there is no any suprises when you don't need them.

By: Maya G.
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