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With five national parks, seven national monuments, two national recreational  areas, a national historic site and over forty (40) state parks, Utah abundantly contains some of the most beautiful creations under the sky.  A masterpiece of natural beauty, Utah's sculptured terrain inspires its visitors.

This spectacular state is centered in the heart of the American West, with the majestic splendor of the giant Rocky Mountains, the colorful canyon lands of the Colorado Plateau, and the remote desert ranges of the Great Basin. The geology of  this region takes an amazing variety of shapes and colors. Utah's landscape is filled with natural wonders. This spectacular state possesses a patchwork of varied canyon country, rugged mountain ranges, desserts, valleys, lakes, rivers, forests, national and state parks, salt flats, old mining towns and bright city lights.

Utah has something for everyone. Within its impressive and varied landscape are countless hidden treasures and joyful experiences that appeal to everyone - from the rugged, solitude-seeking explorer to the whole family wanting a relaxing winter or summer getaway. Its four-season climate is stimulating and healthy and is also diverse as Utah's natural wonders. Low humidity and lots of sunshine are two favorable aspects of Utah's weather. Spring tends to be unpredictable - wet and windy one day and sunny and calm the next day; the deserts are at their greenest then. Summer usually draws the largest crowds for festivals, water sports and family vacations. Fall brings a beautiful array of vibrant colors, changing leaves and fine weather  until the snow line begins. Winter snowfalls provide excellent skiing and add beauty to the landscape.

Utah was proud host of  the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, and it is not just  the Olympic athletes who can enjoy Utah's winter or summer venues. Utah's world class alpine courses, cross-country trails, ice sheets and luge runs are open to the public and both serious athletes and casual visitors are invited.

Utah is grand, spacious and sublime, a land of wild adventures and ancient myths. The Utes and the Navajo tribes lived across the area before the arrival of explorers, mountain men and pioneer settlers. Utah covers 84,900 square miles with a population of 2,246,563. Utah's neighboring states are Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

Utah became America's 45th State on January 4, 1896. Since then, people of varied ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds have made Utah their home. - drawn by the state's beauty and economic opportunities.

The state's capital is Salt Lake City (the host city  for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games). The majority of Utah's residents live along the area locally known as  "The Wasatch Front" and its route around capital city and other beautiful smaller cities like Ogden, Provo, Park City etc. The Salt Lake's dinning and nightlife are thriving with plenty to do and see to satisfy your appetite for food and culture.

Visit Utah for a truly unique, unforgettable vacation experience.


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