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Alaska: From Easy To Adventurous

Alaska The Great Land

The wild rugged beauty of Alaska continues to impress travelers. Alaska has more land in public ownership, and more land protected than any other U.S. state. Fifty-eight percent of Alaska is federal land managed by the Department of the Interior (Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management. The National Park Service alone manages 54 million acres as parks (17 units), preserves, and monuments, including 20,000 protected river miles.
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Learn More About Glaciers - Glaciers leave an impressive footprint on the landscape, carving the rock as they retreat and leaving behind steep topography and fiords where the ice once held sway. Flooded seacoasts and rising water levels are the legacy of their retreats, as are the ecological changes on the landscapes around the glacier's edge. Glaciers also have cultural impacts, in that their activity has affected human settlement, migration, and subsistence over thousands of years.

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