Manitoba Stampede
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Experience Manitoba

Experience this great Canadian province once and you will be back for more! From clear water lapping in giant lakes to the rugged unspoiled landscape of the northern wilderness and haunting beauty of aurora borealis (northern lights) you will enjoy every moment. Find great history places where many secrets about early prairie life are revealed and enjoy unique cultural legacy. Enjoy panoramic valleys and picturesque towns and villages dotted on the wonderful landscape, catch the spirit of Manitoba's great outdoors in spectacular parks and let it speak to you.

Take journey through Manitoba's unique tourism regions.

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Golfing Manitoba
Manitoba is golfer's paradise with more than 125 well designed golf courses to challenge golfers of all skill levels. Many courses are close to Winnipeg and easily accessible. Rural Manitoba also boasts a wide range of courses and clubs that further highlight the breathtaking natural beauty of Manitoba's changing landscape. Many of these courses are just a short drive away from some of Canada's best parks, beaches, hiking trails and fishing spots. Golf enthusiasts can also enjoy a full state of tournaments, held through the province from June to September, many of which are open to the public. For more info visit:
International Peace Garden
Manitoba Summer Fun

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