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Ghost Tours of Fort George - The Best place To Be On Halloween

The hayrides and makeshift haunted houses are fine, but on Halloween, the best place to be in Niagara is Fort George.

Visit Fort George

Friendly and historical by day, shadowy and ominous by night, the fort takes on a whole new atmosphere every October. That's when the ghosts come out to play. With any luck, you'll see one for yourself during the Ghost Tours of Fort George.

Fort George From The Air

Attracting bigger crows every year, the ghost tours have proven to be creepy addition to the town's autumn slate. The two-hour tour starts in the parking lot, and winds its way through most every barrack and cabin on the grounds. Each of them has a story and each of them has their own ghosts.

Ghost tour guide dressed in early 19th century garb carries a lantern for the tour and spins his tales in the darkness for maximum effect. During the guided tour you will hear a score of ghostly accounts as well as being introduced to the history of Fort George and the surrounding area. Even the large giddy crowds have been known to be jittery by the time it's over. Sometimes ghostly experiences are so strong that even the tour guide freaks out.

There is one spooky area everybody is talking about - the caponier tunnel near the back of the fort - that gets under your skin. That part of the land was heavily bulldozed during Fort George's reconstruction in the '30s, and something hangs in the air. Various psychic and paranormal experts feel it as well. People don't like that area. There's a lot of tension and some people get nauseous there. Others claim there's a looming violence in that area.

Every Halloween ghost tour is actualy a walking tour through a dimly lit old fort, and it will cover some rough and dark terrain, so please dress according to the weather, be prepared and wear comfortable shoes. 

NOTE: No flash photography is permitted on the tours.

Ghost tours of Fort George are also offered every year throughout the summer months, from May to September. Bug spray is a good idea during the summer months.

Visit  Fort George national historic site and watch for many special events related to historical troubled times during the War of 1812.

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