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Great Gorge - Don't Just Take Vacation - Have  An Adventure

At the Great Gorge Adventure the Niagara River is transformed into the spectacular Whirlpool Rapids, a thundering avalanche of stupendous power and beauty. Here you stroll right next to the raging rapids, deep within one of nature's most spectacular settings.

Located in the Niagara Gorge 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) down from the Falls, the Rapids rage and roar on their journey into the Niagara Whirlpool.

 Great Gorge Adventure

You can thrill to the sight from the Great Gorge Adventure's "Whitewater Boardwalk", a 305 metre (1000 foot) long promenade along the very edge of the river. Here, long time ago, tumbled the waters of Niagara Falls. As the cataract eroded the underlying rock, it carved out the deep Great Gorge in its retreat. The process unveiled the epic of Earth's eon, visible today in the strata of the looming Gorge wall, a sort of history book written in rock. 

Popular with artists, geologists and historians, the Great Gorge Adventure is a favourite with visitors from all over the world. A beautiful stroll, an awesome panorma.

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Great Gorge Adventure

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