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After you've seen the Falls you won't want to miss Niagara's next most popular attraction, Marineland. Laugh along with sea lions, enjoy show with awesome killer whales and beluga whales who will amaze you with their power and grace. We know you will be thrilled with the talents of dolphins and sea lions as they leap and spin their way into your hart.


At Marineland you will find rides for kids, for adults and for the whole family. From roller coaster to the ferris wheel, enjoy the rides which will speed you upside down or lift you high above the Marineland's funscape. 

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Thrilling amusement rides include the world's largest steel roller coaster, Dragon Mountain®; the world's highest triple ride, Sky ScreamerTM and other attractions that will appeal to the entire family. For reasons of safety, certain rides have minimum height requirements and some rides are not recommended for people with medical conditions.

Marineland Roller Coaster

Charge your senses, pet and feed friendly deer, toss special treats to bears, admire majestic elk and marine animals.

Marineland Bears

You may bring food and beverages into the park. Alcoholic beverages and glass bottles are not permitted. Family Picnic Area is available within the park's grounds and there is also picnic area close to the parking lot. Check the park map when you arrive.


Note: For reasons of safety, roller blades, bikes and scooters are not permitted within park grounds. And, with the exception of service dogs, pets are not permitted within the park premises.

Located just one mile from the Falls, Marineland is open daily during the season, and one ticket price covers all Marineland attractions for the day. Admission for kids 4 years of age and under are FREE and parking is FREE. With Marineland's Fun Card Season's Pass, you can enjoy unlimited admission to the park's great attractions and you can come back for visit as many times as you want throughout the season.

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Everyone loves a fun-filled day at lovely Marineland. Whatever you enjoy different marine shows, wildlife displays or great  amusement rides, we  know that a visit to Marineland is always filled with special moments you'll always cherish.


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