Niagara Falls

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Niagara Spanish Aero Car - The Best Way To See Whirlpool

The best way to see Niagara's fascinating Whirlpool is from high overhead - aboard the world famous Niagara Spanish Aero Car.

Riders can see the Rapids, the Whirlpool, the Gorge, the hydro-electric plants down the river, and can wave to those fishing on the riverbank below.

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Located 3 miles (4.5) kilometers down river from the Falls, the Whirlpool is formed at the end of the Rapids, where the Great Gorge turns abruptly to the northeast. Here the brooding, emerald green vortex coils and uncoils to escape through the narrowest channel in the Gorge. 

Suspended from sturdy cables, the Niagara Spanish Aero Car offers a wonderful view. Named after the Spanish engineer who designed and built it, Leonardo Torres-Quevedo (that's how it got it's name), the Aero Car has been operating since 1916.

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