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Niagara Parks

Niagara Parks is a world famous nature and entertainment park centered around the magnificent Niagara Falls. With over 1,720 hectares (4,250 acres) along a 56 km (35 mile) scenic Parkway, Niagara Parks offer the best and the most complete way to see the Falls.

From mighty rapids and the swirling whirlpool to the thunder of the Falls and the feel of the mist, Niagara Parks offers the total adventure experience - over, beside and even behind the Falls!

Niagara Parks - Niagara Falls

The Niagara Parks Commission was created in 1885, with the mission to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the Falls and the Niagara River Corridor for the enjoyment of visitors while maintaining financial self sufficiency. They are the authority on all the Niagara Falls & Great Gorge attractions.

Niagara Parks cannot be seen in a day or two. It is an ever-shifting spectacle for all ages. You cannot help but feel contentment and at the same time captivated by the natural beauty of the Falls themselves and the surrounding Parklands that lie parallel to the Niagara River from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.

During the Fall months, Niagara is the place to visit. Trees in the Niagara gorge are painted vibrant reds, browns, golds and orange. Fall foliage is usually at its best in late October.

If "birding" is your thing, than you want to be here during the months of November and December. That's when thousands of gulls and terns congregate around the falls and rapids. Aproximately 100 different varieties of water birds have been recorded along the river.

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