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Niagara River Recreation Trail

The Niagara River Recreation Trail runs parallel to the Niagara River in the Town of Fort Erie to Fort George in the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake (Lake Erie to Lake Ontario), a distance of approximately 56 kilometres.

Niagara River Recreation Trail

Numerous bridges have been installed over ravines and waterways along the Trail and interpretive plaques indicate points of historical and geological interest.

Bikin Niagara

A great way to enjoy nature is to walk, wheelchair or bike along the Niagara River Recreation Trail. Don't forget your camera for this unique walk.

For those who wish to savor the entire Trail, it divides nicely into four scenic sections, each with its own history. It takes 1 to 2 hours to pedal leisurely each of these sections:

(1) Niagara-on-the-Lake to Queenston;
(2) Queenston to the Whirlpool Aero Car;
(3) Chippawa to Black Creek;
(4) Black Creek to Fort Erie.

Admission: Free

Note: The Niagara River Recreational Trail is not maintained in winter months.  Please beware of snow and ice and use at your own risk.

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