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Town of Port Dalhousie

Apart from having the oldest and smallest jail in the Province of Ontario, Old Port Dalhousie radiates charm and character. This village is steeped in history and folklore and is like a distinguished old lady - akin to one of those few people you meet in life that you never forget.

Port Dalhousie Sunset

The Waterfront: For history buffs, beach lovers, strollers and fishermen alike, the Port Dalhousie's waterfront offers a favourite retreat any time of the day. Three marinas, two lush waterfront parks, two historic light houses, the Pier and the historic old Welland Canal offer a relaxing and leisurely afternoon or evening.

Port Dalhousie Marina

Port Dalhousie boasts a marvellous array of unique establishments offering service spanning candlelight to cafe. Mouth watering prime rib, succulent seafood, nibbler's specialities, ice cream, pizza or cheeseburgers, "Old Port" has your preference.

Port Dalhousie  Port Dalhousie

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