Niagara Falls

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Shopping in Niagara

Superb Shopping In Niagara

Great selections at great prices can be found in gift shops operated by Niagara Parks Commission and many other privately owned, unique small shops. Shopping becames a delightful adventure where there's something special for everyone. Enjoy interesting locally made products like maple sugar products, wood carvings, Canadian coins and other Canadian made products.

Xmas Shopping Niagara

You could find one of the best selection of postcards and unique miniature figures made from different stones. There is realy nice selection of nature audio tapes and compact discs. Table Rock House Plaza has fresh made fudge all travelers love very much.

Niagara Xmas Shopping

Special enjoyment are unique products and variety of decorations in Christmas Boutiques with interesting collection of miniatures and unique ornaments.

Shopping Fun in Niagara

Almost every shopping plaza has something unique to offer which will make your shopping extra special.

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