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Niagara Peninsula - Home of the World-Renowned Wineries

Taking the full tour of Ontario's wineries would require hours of driving on Highway 401 to Pelee Island, where the province's first winery was established in 1866. But you'll make the most stops in the Niagara Peninsula, where most of the top quality wineries reside. And within the region, Niagara-on-the-Lake boasts the most vineyards with many of them world-renowned.

Niagara Peninsula - Home of the World-Renowned Wineries

The international acclaim, coupled with the region's wise decision to post signs along the route, has made wine one of the Niagara-on-the-Lake's most familiar assets.

Much of the credit goes to Mother Nature, who blessed Niagara with perfect winemaking conditions. The climate is similar to France (in fact, the town is on the same latitude as Florence, Italy and Cannes, France), with the nearby lakes moderating temperatures in summer and winter. Glaciers 12,500 years ago provided the soil with minerals, making it ideal for fruit-growing.

There's no time like Fall to explore the Niagara Region's Grape and Wine Country. A long growing season and ideal soil, combine to provide great growing conditions unequalled anywhere else in Canada.

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