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Back Seat Activity For Kids

KidKase is a new travel product that provides value to parents and fun for kids who love to play and keep busy, no matter where they are.

KidKase is a 3 in 1 travel activity system; travel case, backseat play tray and travel desk. The large, sturdy fold-out activity table is the main KidKase advantage which enables your child to initiate just about any activity. It's surface area is the right size for your child to comfortably color or write in a coloring or work book.

A clever attachment design allows the KidKase to be attached to almost any vehicles headrest in just seconds. It is strong enough to easily handle the weight of a kids laptop or electronic learning products such as LeapPad, LeapFrog, etc. Add Velcro to the feet of your child's favorite action figures and see them stand on the fold-out activity table.

Designed for functionality, the activity table quickly folds-up and snaps your child's KidKase closed until the next play session. **Interior accessories (shown in photos) included; 11 markers, 8 Crayola crayons and 1 flip-up nightlight.

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