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Traveling to a far-off destination is exciting and exhilarating. And it can be a bit daunting when it comes to communicating in a foreign language. But it doesn't have to be.

Teach Yourself® , the world's most comprehensive language learning aids, have been the choice of millions of travelers. These complete courses are based on the very latest learning methods and designed to be enjoyable and user-friendly.

Learners can use the Teach Yourself® Language Courses at their own pace or as a supplement to formal courses. Prepared by experts in the language, each course begins with the basics and gradually promotes the student to a level of smooth and confident communication. 

With over fifty languages to chose from, ranging from Arabic to Zulu, Teach Yourself® offer everything you need to learn the lingo 'n' go.


Franklin TG-470 12 Language European Translator
Amazingly translates over 400,000 words and phrases in 12 languages! Phonetic spell correction allows you to enter words by how they sound. This great travel tool include: Local/World Clock, Currency/Metric Converter, EURO Converter, and Databank that stores and instantly retrieves important names & numbers. Order

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